UseTheSource: A “Hacker News” for Beautiful Code

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Development

Developer John Graham-Cumming was flattered, naturally, when someone on Hacker News said his code was “beautiful.”

He was also inspired to create UseTheSource, aHacker NewsHacker News-like repository for other examples of beautiful code.

If you’re familiar with Daily WTF, a website that showcases egregious malfeasances in information technology, UseTheSource is designed to be the opposite of that. Rather than being a Hacker News-type catch-all site for news, blog posts, commentary, opinion, and oh yeah, a bit of code now and then, UseTheSource is intended to let users post bits of code and let the community decide which examples are truly noteworthy.

UseTheSource employs a Reddit/DiggDigg/Hacker News system of upvotes to allow the community to voice their approval of certain posts. And of course, users are allowed and encouraged to comment on posts. All in all, the system allows for a laser-like focus on a topic of greatest importance to programmers: how to find and emulate really great code.


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