Google at the verge of their OS

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Internet

Google is soon to release their operating system and they didn’t specify a date of  release but they did mention in the fall season. Personally i think its going to be something of a kind especially considering that they are opposing completion to both Microsoft and Apple. I don’t know what the quality will be compared to Apple but i wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to steal a fair share of the Microsoft customers because Apple products speak for themselves without any introduction to the market. But if the OS is as good or even better then the search engine than Microsoft really should be worried at this point in time. I ask myself self question like what system  requirements the  OS  will require minimal to run smoothly and virus issues ? At this point i need to read up a bit more on that and continue on this topic to state any possible advantages and disadvantages to expect form Google


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