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Posted: March 18, 2011 in Google

As you might have read in the previous article on Analytics that is provides some great features for businesses to better understand their customers and their habits and behavior towards certain products. With Google analytics comes reports that give you a clear understanding A lot of things taken place on your site and here are a few reports described. This article takes an example of an valentines advertising campaign that  took place in February (hypothetically speaking) .

The Dashboard Overview

This is the page you land on after clicking view report on the first page when you enter your analytics account. Basically here is an overview with links to your different detailed reports. It gives you an option to customize your  dashboard with what ever information you want displayed when you enter your Analytics account.

Visitors Report

This is where you can view all your visitors information such as your unique visitors, time on site , Pageviews , Bounce rate, new visits etc. Analytics lets you choose a time frame from which you would like to view. Say you wanted to see if people were coming to your site to see the campaign on the site taking into consideration that an email was sent and was being track to see its overall contribution to the campaign. Google Analytics can track emails to see how many emails were opened and how many were ignored so that way we know if traffic was from the email or not. You can now see who came to view your site for the first time how much time people spent on your site and what percentage of them left before even looking at your site. This information can now put you in a position where you are able to tell if emailing customers about your business is efficient or not.

  • Loyalty is another feature that can tell you the amount of people who come once and never return and those that are loyal viewing you page frequently.
  • Browser can tell you which browser people were viewing your site and what percentage each browser contributed to the overall visits total
  • Operating systems tells you which operating systems your visitors are using which can say A lot about A visitor
  • Network properties informs you about which network service providers your visitors are using
  • Mobile has information about your mobile visitors what devices they are using and which carriers they are using

Map overlay is another one of those useful features because it tells you where most of your visitors come from geographically, that way you can even open competitions in certain regions or cities with your most visitors because they are more familiar with your services or products.

Ecommerce Report

The eCommerce report is arguably one of the most important reports any company wants to see each day because it tell you in-depth information about your revenue which is one of the primary goals most companies are operating on (No money no business). This report gives you the total revenue made by the organisation on the online store. Some of the information available is the number of products purchased on the site, Average order value, conversion rate, Product performance, visits to purchase and days to purchase.

At least now you can see your product performance and how much money you are making by a few simple clicks.

Gaols Report

Goals help you a lot regardless of whether you have a online store or not because they tell you whether your site is engaging to your visitors or not. Within this report lies goal verification that enables you to view specific URL’S that trigger the reporting of a goal. They also help is measuring  media files you may have on your site that you are tracking like pdf’s.

Reverse gaol path is another help that is available here because it show you the last three steps a visitor took before reaching a gaol which is very useful in funnel analysis.

Funnel analysis (also known as path analysis) is a section within Gaol report. Its basically a set of undefined goals that take place on your site.

Traffic Sources Report

As the word implies itself this section cover all the data around your traffic. The traffic sources that bought traffic to your site, referrals to your site, direct traffic to your site and search engines that directed visitors to your site. It also provides you with a list of keywords people were searching for to get to your site which makes the meta data on your html code very important.

To mention a few things provided by this report are which search engines generated the most traffic (, any referring sites ( and direct traffic are the people who typed your URL straight from the browser.

Now this essentially is very important information because now you can be able to see which sites are referring the most like Facebook that way you can now open a Facebook page that may provide more information to your customers

Adwords is a powerful feature presented on this report helps you see how well you campaigns and keywords are doing to convert or purchase


Content deals with the content your have on your site namely your top landing pages and top exits pages and the average time spent on the landing pages respectively.

Site search is one of those things essential for websites with hundreds and sometimes thousands of products/pages and therefore need built in search engine to find products/pages quicker. With this said Google analytics has a feature called site search that tracks all the search taking place within your site with data like search terms, start pages, destination pages and trending.

Now that we know the possibilities of tracking activity taking place on websites it seems as if life keeps getting easier and more convenient each day. Analytics is certainly a tool businesses need to monitor actions taking place on their sites. If we can now tracking our product performance, monitor our revenue, get time estimates of how long people are taking on our sites, track emails, know our referrers, where visitors come from, what they are viewing the most don’t you think technology is reaching new frontiers and making life simpler for us ? Well i certainly do and with this data A lot of improvements can be made to improve services/products for the customer. Google Analytics is not the only tool available with this kind of infrastructure/abilities there are other tools on the web.

Have you used or currently using Google Analytics ? how has it helped you thus far


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