The need for Analytics

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

Google Analytics is arguably one of the best free analytics tools available on the net. Google is the the source and power behind Google Analytics. Some people ask the question why do we need analytics and what good are they to your business ?

Well if you asked Google the same question they would probably give you a booklet of reasons why they developed the tool and how effective it will be towards your business. Analytics essentially is s tool that gathers up all the web traffic organizes it and displays it to the user in a form of neat presentable tables and pie charts and graphs. The good thing is that you can export all this data to your local machine.

The need for analytics is simple really:

  • To tell you how many people are viewing your site
  • If goals are setup correctly to tell you whether or not you have met your goals
  • Which engines are giving you the most profit
  • How much money your site is making for you
  • Search terms people are using to reach your site
Surely one can agree that all this data is important for A business but in what way you ask ?
  • How will you know if people are spending time on your site or not ? so you can be able to optimize your content and design to meet their expectations
  • How will you know if your campaigns are working for you or not so you can make better campaigns in future after all if you are not selling or making profits then what are you doing ?
  • How will you know to which engines to bid and what search terms are working for you ?
  • How will you know which engines are bringing in the most money and which keywords to bid for ?
  • I guess you can always go to your bank statement to check how much money you are making thats easy nevertheless !
To run a successful business you need answers and solutions but before those you need to ask the right questions !
Analytics is a great tool that gives you enough data and information to start asking the right questions, in that way not only are you getting better answers but better solutions to keep you ahead of your competitors.
Google Analytics use it don’t use it its your choice at the end of the day !

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