Making cool stuff and having fun – HTML5

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

HTML5  has made a huge buzz over the internet among developers. This was simply because of the great new attributes that come with HTML5 and the cool things you can do using it.

This new way of developing websites makes it easier to make really beautiful websites in a better and more exciting way. What html5 has done is remove all the long trails of making this stand here and this show there with the help of CSS3. Now making background images has never been easier and more fun. Think of it this way Google made going through countless websites to find something much simpler by simply visiting one site and gathering all the possible information you want at your finger tips. With html5 and css3 things become so much more interesting and the possibilities seem endless.

The nice thing about it is you can always have fall back code for those who are still using browsers from the World War II. It appears that Opera is the most compatible browser for html5 support because almost all of the new attributes that come with it Opera seems to be able to be compatible with and handle very well such as the (Priority,Date) which do not work very well with Chrome Firefox or IE9. Each browser is trying to be the leading html5 compatible browser but the race is still on, currently I think Opera is leading the pack.

Building mobile Apps is also becoming A whole new ball game because of the amazing things the new attribute bring to mobile browsing like the “email” attribute that lets your mobile browser populate all the necessary symbols by default like the @ and “.com” to make it easier to write email addresses without having to navigate to special symbols (Common on Android & iOS devices).

HTML5 is certainly here to change the world with no doubt especially considering all new discoveries techies are blogging about. Some may argue that html5 is not a stable html package so to speak but then again we all have our own opinions which we are Ofcourse entitled to. So if its exciting development on a whole different level you are after then I suggest to start reading up on html5 and try a few example’s see where it leads you. Chances are you’ll be hooked the minute you start reading however if developing is not your thing I suggest you try fishing, or sky diving maybe you’ll get a thrill from that either ways html5 is building new trends and new ways to do cool things.

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