Google Webmaster Tools

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Google

Google has quite a lot of products from Google talk to Google Mail and a lot more. One tool I would like to briefly talk about is Google webmaster tools which basically is a tool Google offer you to be able to see how Google views your website. Within this tool there are a lot of features that provide you with different information about your sites performance. Every time you Google search, Google has what they call Google-bots that crawl sites looking for your search term on every site. If you have a webmaster tools account then Google will send you an email if they ever come across any error while crawling your site. Webmaster also provides a report that lists all search queries where your site came up on the results page.

Webmasters has a set of reports it provides the user to analyse their site performance.


Sitemap’s are your way of telling Google about your website pages including those that Google might not already know about

Search queries

This gives you a list of all search terms that your  site get listed for in Google Search Results Page including their impressions and Average positions

Crawling stats

A statistics report after Google crawls your site

HTML suggestions

This report deals with you content. When Google-bots crawl your site any issues found with your content gets listed on this report.

Links to your site

A list of sites that link back to your site with page they point back to on your site


A list of common keywords Google found when crawling your site

Internal links

A list of all internal links found on your site

Subscriber stats

Here you find a list of all users who have subscribed to your feeds using any Google product.

Webmaster Tools is Google’s way of communicating with your about your site to better manage your organic traffic and land on better Google Search Result pages.


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