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Last March Apple’s market cap was at $208 billion with Microsoft standing at $261 billion. A year later Apple has passed Microsoft to become the most valuable tech company with a whipping $330 billion. Those iPad’s, iPhone’s, iPod’s and that App store are generating A lot of revenue for the company. I’m sure Steve jobs has no problems sleeping at night lately, well apart from the the health issues he has recently been experiencing which I hope he recovers from soon. Microsoft looks to be stable the $261 billion while Google is ranking third at $233 billion which is only $28 billion away from Microsoft. IBM on the other hand sits at $202 billion ranking forth in this race.

By the looks of things Google is fast dominating almost every aspect of the internet meaning they are more likely to knock Microsoft one down and rank them selves second runner up. With Apples sales at their peak and still growing it is going to be very hard for Google take the crown from Apple

Apple on the other hand are A little over $90 billion away from becoming the most valuable public company in the world ahead of  Exxon’s who are sitting at $422 billion.


Do you think Apple will become number one ? if so how long would it take them to get there ?