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Google offer A number of free Tools on the web for anyone to use, some of which include Google AnalyticsGoogle Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords. These three tools combined satisfy A lot of business needs for any IT company including non IT companies Ofcourse. Ecommerce has become very popular in the modern day as more people prefer to make money both off and online. Online markets need A lot of research to learn and know the market you are entering to be able to sustain and complete with other organisations.

One of the key aspects to monitor online are keywords because they are more likely going to be generating traffic for your business via search engines. When we talk about search engines Google always comes to mind because they dominate that niche.

To be able to make keywords work for your business you need to know how to work with them.

First research your market for possible keywords that are most common for your type on business (Assuming you already have all three accounts setup Analytics,Webmaster tools and Adwords). Before you get money you need to give and the starting point would be to bid for your researched keywords on Google Adwords. Once you have that going evaluate your Adwords and look for keywords with the highest impressions. Use those keywords to optimize your website for better organic traffic from Google this way you still get traffic without paying for it. Once optimized you can use your Analytics to evaluate how well or how bad your organic traffic is and if it is still bad optimize for better organic search results.

Google uses Adwords to their advantage by making you pay for traffic but only the traffic that clicks to your site, now you can use their Tools at your own advantage by using organic traffic to work for you.